Socialist International

Dear comrades!


I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year!

2020 was a difficult and significant year for all of us. In its unprecedentedly difficult conditions, we all expressed our position, defended our ideas and principles. We defended the territory of Freedom, Justice and Solidarity, which will definitely grow, strengthen, gain more and more new supporters! I am sure that next year will be a source of new strength, inspiration, and historical optimism for us!

I wish you good health, prosperity and success! Peace and joy to your families!


Askhat Rakhimzhanov  

With best regards, chief of Nationwide Social-Democratic Party (OSDP, Kazakhstan)  


Нұр-Сұлтан қ-сы, Т. Шевченко көшесі 10/1, 203-кеңсе

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