PRESS RELEASE following the 16th Extraordinary Congress of the Over National social-democratic party

On November 27, the 16th Extraordinary Congress of the OSDP was held in Nur-Sultan.

Delegates from all regions of Kazakhstan were represented at the Congress. The eligibility of the congress is confirmed by the presence of a quorum.

After a lengthy debate, the party members decided to boycott theparlamentary elections.

The debate at the congress and the range of speeches showed that intra-party relations and decision-making were primarily based on deep-rooted democratic principles.

The chosen position is due mainly to the awareness of the role of the party in these elections, as an extra. Nevertheless, the decisive role was played by the arguments concerning the lack of will and desire of the authorities to liberalize electoral and party legislation.

The low level of civil consolidation is stated. Despite the fact that over the past 6 months there have been active negotiations with various activists and movements, it has not been possible to come to a common understanding of the need for unification.

The actions of the DCK / Koshe Party, recognized as extremist, endangered the party.

OSDP is fully aware of the full responsibility for the decision. The party remains committed to the people's ideals of fair elections and fair and accountable government.