World. Women. Pandemic

"We live in a new period of earthly civilization - in the stage of a global pandemic, quarantine and economic crisis"

On March 17, 2021, the International Forum "Women in a Pandemic: Risks and Opportunities" was held. The conference was attended by women leaders from various fields of activity, project leaders, politicians, public figures, representatives of parties, government officials, civil activists from Kazakhstan and other countries.

After the welcoming speech of the chairman of the Nationwide Social Democratic Party (OSDP), Askhat Rakhimzhanov, the conference began work under the chairmanship of the head of the Women's wing of the OSDP Azhar Sagandykova.

In her speech, she noted: “Women, regardless of the culture and economic success of the country, work more and longer today than before. Some of this work falls into the category of invisible or unpaid domestic work. During the pandemic, a special responsibility fell on their shoulders, because they had to make decisions in a non-standard and unusual situation. In their speeches, the participants shared their experience of working in a remote mode, talked about new challenges and opportunities for development during the period of forced isolation. The outbreaks have affected the lives of women and men in different ways, and the pandemic has exacerbated existing gender inequalities for women”.

Natalia Velikaya, Doctor of Political Sciences, Chairperson of the Social Democratic Union of Women, presented the results of sociological research in her report "Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for the societies of the EAEU countries: political, socio-economic and demographic aspects" in the context of the CIS countries. The deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Marina Radvan and Alla Dolinta spoke about the epidemiological situation in their country, about the measures taken by the state. Elvira Mirsalimova from the Republican Party of Labor and Justice of the Republic of Belarus shared her vision of the future. Lyazyat Askarova, executive director of the "Expo & Women" MO, spoke about social projects implemented during the pandemic, Svetlana Mogilyuk, chairman of the ALE "Association" Civil Alliance of Pavlodar region ", chairman of the NGO" ECOM ", Ph.D. improving the environment at all levels. Gulnara Isakanova, director of the Pavlodar regional branch of the Public Association "Red Crescent Society" of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also shared information about her activities during the pandemic.

During the forum, Gaukhar Omarova, head of the "UMIT UZBEU" Public Fund, and Mirambek Kamalov, deputy chairman of the ОSDP International Secretary of the Party, made speeches.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a "voluntary-forced springboard" into a new high-tech reality. In literally a short period of time, the world has overcome the time period. Finding themselves in isolation, people of all ages and fields of activity were forced to quickly master new technologies associated with remote communications.

During the pandemic, there has also been a major transformation of the value system. Material benefits have faded into the background for many people. It turned out that it is much more important to invest financial and spiritual resources not in the acquisition of new things, but in your own health, the well-being of your family and loved ones.

As a result of the conference, the proposal of Azhar Sagandykova on building the potential of cooperation between women's public organizations was supported. Natalia Velikaya, Chairperson of the Social Democratic Union of Women of Russia, invited the forum participants to a conference in Kemerovo, Russia, scheduled for June 2021.

OSDP Press Service